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A Course in Miracles is not an easy course. In fact sometimes it is downright excruciating. Marianne Williamson says that as you move, day-by-day, through it, it feels like the Holy Spirit is holding up a magnifying glass, showing you your blockages. Hence not an easy course. But something in me has gotten me on this particular path to transformation and kept me on it. And funny enough I’ve learned that finding that something in me is one thing the Course is expert at helping me do.

For almost fifteen years now I have been following the curriculum as set forth by ACIM. The Combined Volume is comprised of the text book (the theoretical framework) the workbook (365 lessons of application), and the manual for teachers.

I found the Course back in 1999, when I was ready for it. I had been suffering through a “dark night of the soul” experience, or, as Wayne Dyer calls it “the dark night of the ego” when one day a casual acquaintance asked me if I had ever heard of A Course in Miracles. Those words stuck in my mind like the virus in the Matrix movie. Something had been implanted in my mind: A Course in Miracles, A Course in Miracles. . .

Within months I moved to St. John’s Newfoundland and slowly but surely was being introduced to several new people who happened to be into A Course in Miracles. I fell into it and lapped up their talk like a puppy.  Although I didn’t fully understand all of what they were talking about, I felt very comfortable around the Course material, and surrounding material. I think my initial attraction to this Course was that I instantly recognized the Highest Truth in it, and I knew that only the truth would satisfy me and set me free. I had found my path to inner freedom.

So from 1999 until now, I have learned and un-learned a lot from ACIM:

A Different Language. Doing the Course means learning a different language. Words such as: special, magic, the dream, idols, Him, Son of God, separation, illusion, Truth, One Mind, etc – all have different meanings than the more common usage, definition and understanding of these terms. For example in the Course, the word “dream” refers not to the mainstream application of this word, such as “I have a dream” or “follow your dreams.” In ACIM the word “dream” refers to the “dream of separation” or false identity that we made up in favor of union with our Source. Instead of Oneness, Unity and joy we chose to experience “the dream of separation”, and put our attention and faith in false beliefs and appearances that bind us, causing us to experience the illusion or dream of separation from our Creator, which of course causes us continuous suffering, until we see what we’re doing, and choose differently.

Creating a Spaciousness. I talk a lot about the importance of creating a spaciousness in which something can change. Reading the Course and doing the lessons for many years has created a spaciousness in my consciousness, in two ways.

First, the Course was written in such a way that in order to get the meaning of the sentence I was reading in the Course, I had to get clear, relax, chill, take a deep breath, and read the sentence again. In the clarity of the moment I would simply get it. The potency would be unleashed. When I created a spaciousness in my mind the Holy Spirit (which I learned was nothing more than my right mind) had room to show me the meaning of the words that were being presented. This state of clarity stays with me constantly as I read it, because it’s the only state that works. Not to mention it’s the only state that opens me up to joy – quiet, still, vibrant joy. The kind of joy that comes when you quiet the ego mind and let the light of spirit in.

Secondly, The workbook is designed by One who knows, to induce a spaciousness into your consciousness by asking you to do things like – take five minutes, every hour of your waking day, to be still, and allow the meaning of the lesson to dawn on you in a very specific way, so you can experience the reality of what the words are saying, rather than merely reading the words. When I read the words: “I am as God created me”, then sit back for five minutes and allow the actuality behind these words to penetrate – they induce an actual experience. This, over a period of time, causes a zen-like state to overtake you. This state may not be there all the time in its full intensity and joyousness, but it becomes instilled as the backdrop of your mind and becomes your greatest companion. Letting go work over a period of time yields definite results.

These are just two small examples of what A Course in Miracles can do for you. There’s so much more, and I will share from time to time, when moved. The Course is definitely not for everyone, but if you find yourself attracted to this material and committed to the curriculum, I wish you luck, fortitude and much peace as it penetrates your consciousness and changes your life, for indeed it will.

Hugs all around,


A Course in Miracles is a brilliant form of spiritual psychotherapy which brings peace, Love and deep joy into our lives. It can be considered challenging because it involves a radical paradigm shift, not in how we live in the world but how we see the world. Although it uses Christian vocabulary it is not religious, but rather deeply metaphysical.

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