What you can expect from my gatherings

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Years ago I was offering a spiritual workshop at a local healing centre in St. John’s Newfoundland. Someone called the centre one afternoon and asked what the content and outline would be for my up-coming class, to which my friend, who owned the centre, replied: “It’s very difficult to say what it will be about. All I can tell you is that it’s kind of a stream-of-consciousness atmosphere, and if you’re meant to be here you’ll find your way here.”

Although this was a spontaneous and accurate response, I’d like to offer what I hope will be a deeper feel for what you can actually expect from one of my spiritual classes/gatherings.

What you can expect from my gatherings

Total Improvisation – My classes are unplanned. Okay I title them and that’s about it. This is simply how it works for me. Total improv keeps the delivery fresh, authentic, in-the-moment and for the moment. And at the same time something mysterious happens during the two-hour session, in that the title or intent of that particular class comes forth and gets touched upon and delved into, but not in the way you might think or expect. Go figure.

Mindfulness – Someone once asked me if I ever offer courses on mindfulness, to which I replied that I incorporate mindfulness into all of my classes. Each gathering is infused with mindfulness without mentioning the word mindfulness. We always start by grounding ourselves into the space, simply becoming still, and aspiring to temporarily suspend every last modicum of our thoughts and emotions. This sets the stage for the spirit of love and true inspiration to penetrate the space and do its thing. As a result many folks have told me they feel infused with a sense of bliss during these sessions and feel it for days after. Afterglow indeed.

Authenticity. To date I have been gifted with over 350 Messages to Love© and so it follows that the classes I offer are guaranteed to contain fresh material that you won’t hear anywhere else. What I offer may very well be in line with other spiritual teachings, but these classes are constantly peppered with profoundly simple yet authentic wisdom extracts. The Messages to Love piece in conjunction with the ACIM piece, in addition to my own life lessons-  makes for a brand new experience every time. Fresh approach.

Q & A. It always happens, and I always roll with it. Someone asks a question and that gets the ball rolling on the day. And if they don’t ask right away it’ll happen after I do the initial introduction. A heartfelt, meaningful question always gets us out on a beautiful tangent where the fun, inspiration, meaning, love and light hits us. Most participants say that most questions and answers are somehow relevant to them too. The Q & A also tends to allow everyone in the group to participate, and bring people closer together in a meaningful way. Much Love.

And so I offer a recent testimonial to cap off my “what you can expect piece”, because it simply meant so much to hear this heartfelt take on my work. And so it is.

Stefanie’s principles are based on the teachings around A Course in Miracles plus her own life lessons. She is an enjoyable, effective awakener in her most gentle way. I have learned so very much from her lessons and conversations. Join her in a workshop for a new experience you never really knew you could have, all for you!

Hugs all around,

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